12 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Interested in Russian Toy not show quality as a companion to my other Russian Toy non show baby. He’s 2 years old. Prefer small adult as he’s really small at 4 pounds.


    1. Hi Deb, sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Currently I have two long coat boys (4 months) a smooth boy (11 months) and two adult females (5 years). I have some people coming Dec.1 to check out the long coat puppies so I will know for sure after Dec.1 what will be available. Where are you? We are in central Texas and do not ship dogs so a dog from me would have to be picked up. Let me know if that would even work for you and if so, we can talk further. Thanks for contacting me and hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
      Jo Buntrock


      1. Hi Jo,
        Actually I live in Houston.

        I would drive or fly to view and get the dog.

        My current dog is a 2 year old Russian Toy male from Scarlett King. He had a bite problem so could not be a show dog. He’s a neutered baby boy who is about 4 1/2 pounds. I am looking for a smaller dog similar weight who can be a companion to him. I won’t be breeding my pets so would spay or neuter it. I am a member of the RTCA.

        I like the long coat but am not opposed to a smooth coat. What are the size or colors of them?

        Thanks Deb Couraud


  2. Hello, I am looking for a female papillon puppy. She will be a companion only so will be spayed and show quality isn’t an issue. I live in Garden Ridge, just north of San Antonio.
    Thanks, Andrea Rex


  3. Looking for a companion papillon. Do you any available. Only
    Me and my 12yr old daughter live in the home


    1. Hi. I don’t have any Papillons right now but we did breed a girl recently and hope for puppies around the end of March. Check back if you are still looking then. Thanks so much for contacting me.
      Jo Buntrock


  4. Hello,
    Do you have any dogs available now or are you expecting any in the near future? I’m in Michigan and would drive down. Thank you!


    1. Hi John, thanks for contacting me. Currently I don’t have anything available. You might check with Jerome Podell, he is in the upper midwest and I think he has a litter on the way. I can try to get you his phone but you can probably find him on messanger.
      Jo Buntrock


      1. Thank you. Do you have plans to have any puppies in the future? I could wait but I get excited thinking about it!


  5. I am looking for a Papillon puppy. My Papillon dog passed away just before this past Thanksgiving. We really miss him.

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  6. Hello Jo,

    Is Cinnamon still available as a companion? Would her temperament be ideal for someone looking for an emotional support dog?


    1. Cinnamon has already been placed. Currently I have a female smooth coat available who is about 18 months. I do not ship dogs, Where are you?


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